Commercial Locksmith Services Glendale Heights Illinois

Whatever the commercial security needs are call Locksmith Glendale Heights

Locksmith Glendale Heights Security offers best-in-class intrusion detection systems and burglar alarms to help safeguard your assets, people and facilities. By safeguarding your assets against burglary and theft, your valuable things will cause no misuse and loss.

We specialize in High Security brand locks, with innovative technology which makes it almost impossible for burglars to break in. We guarantee these locks are of the highest quality materials made to keep your haven safe. In the event that you lost the key, a professional and skilled Locksmith Glendale Heights services will immediately help you out of such tricky situations.

We offer many services such as:

  • Keyless entry
  • Wireless alarming system
  • Burglar alarms
  • High security locks
  • Intrusion detection


The days of carrying around a bundle of keys are coming to an end, thanks to new technology for home digital controls in the form of keyless, smartphone-enabled locks for houses. Lot of people, all over the world, use the key-locksolution for protecting their homes every day. A digital keyless entry system is an e-door lock that does not need a key but instead a four digit private password or keycard to unlock the door.

In terms of fire safety, the final exits on an escape route in a public building are the only way to keep safe from a fire hazard.An Exit device is a push button/bar that has to be placed on all emergency exits so that when the door is opened the alarm is switched on and this device is programmed to activate the fire alarm, thereby contacting the fire department.

There are many other commercial services that Locksmith Glendale Heights provides customers. We are dedicated to serve the customers and provide quality services.